SEPETE EKLE.   



         Armoured/Vault Doors

         EN - 1143-1 Grade VI



  • Safe consists of door and frame.
  • Safe has conformity with TSE EN-1143-1 European Norms. Grade IX over VI.
  • For locking; there are 6 pcs 50 mm moving bolts at front and 6 pcs stable bolts at back part of door.
  • As Standard, there are two locks are attached to safes. Every lock has 1 main and 1 spare key. Optionally, electronical or mechanical combination lock can be attached. Also 3rd lock could be attached.
  • Keys have 1/250,000 possibility to open each other.
  • Filling material is C-50 dose concrete.
  • Door plate consists of 10 mm ST 37 Steel Sheet + 57 mm C-50 dose concrete + 3 mm ST 37 Steel Sheet. Totally 73 mm.
  • Thickness of locking system is 3 mm ST 37.
  • 5 mm ST 37 Steel Sheet is used for external frame.
  • Optionally hercules system can be attached to locks against shock in order to keep locked.
  • Resistance to earthquake.
  • Painted with static powder coating.


 Armoured/Vault Doors


  Height (mm)   

 Widht  (mm)   

  Depth  (mm)   

 5100U.KK Vault Doors




     5200U.KK Vault Doors